March 7, 2020 Field Trip

Sierra College Natural History Museum - Science Building (Sewell Hall)

The museum houses a variety of interesting exhibits including rocks, minerals, meteorites, etc.  

We are to meet at the entrance of the museum.  Tour time is Noon, so we should be ready at the door a few minutes early to sign wavers.

Parking on campus is free on weekends and we can park in the lot nearest the museum.  

  Admission to the museum is free on the first Saturday of every month.  Charles Dailey a long time volunteer at the museum will be our tour guide.

5100 Sierra College Blvd, Rocklin, California 95677, United States

(916) 607-7794

Field Trip suggestions

Tim, our Field Trip Chairman,  recommends each person bring: 

  • A container with a handle (for instance a five gallon paint bucket) to carry rocks you find.
  • A hand brush to brush river residue off of rocks picked up out of the water.
  • A rock hounder scoop or a trowel.
  • A wide rim hat, long sleeves, sun shades, and sun screen.
  • A box in your car to put gathered rocks into from your bucket (so you can pick up even more!).
  •  A picnic lunch and related paraphernalia